The best was yet to come

The morning of sept 30 we loaded our bags and headed to the hospital I was almost 5 cm dilated 70% effaced and having inconsistent contraction….we were on our way to meeting our little love 🙂

Waiting patiently by my side, my husband. He was so sweet, made me laugh, made sure I always had whatever I needed he was perfect the entire time (even when he asked m to stop pushing so he could call his parents lol). We had the best dr’s


It took tons of tries to get the iv in, ugh! This was in my top 5 most painful parts, iv, contractions, epidural (holy hell I cried out that hurt so bad!) when the dr broke my water (eeeep!) and afterwards when the nurses push on your uterus to make sure it goes back uhhh and a beautiful baby boy that doesn’t latch properly man that gets painful!
20140211-142019.jpg after the hundredth time of the nurse coming in to yell at me for apparently not breathing when I was sleeping at about 5 after checking me they said we should try some practice pushes. So we got all ready and it became very obvious really fast that those practice pushes were the real thing. 15 minutes later and no threats no cussing (though I did call my dr dude o.O) we welcomed Everett Dannay into the world





2 thoughts on “The best was yet to come

  1. He is adorable!! My nurses took forever to get my IV into. They had to try 4 times. I am one of the people that tries to be unfailingly pleasant to nurses, service workers, customer service people, but they really, really, really tested my patience.

    • Haha I’m the same way! Probably 5 years working a retail position but yes unfairly pleasant is a great way to say it! I actually made goodie bags for the maternity floor when I went to the hospital to deliver Everett… A little bag full of snacks both healthy and a bit naughty, but I figured it was the least I could do for all the nurses and staff that would be working round the clock taking care if me. 🙂 the iv still haunts me they were threatening to use my foot, oye!

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